Battle Rope

SGT KNOTS Twisted Battle Rope

Strength training rope that provides a wide range of unique exercises and activities to enhance your workout routine.  Workout ropes are a great way to increase both aerobic and anaerobic endurance.  Our fitness rope is made from top quality Dacron Polyester, which provides excellent resistance to all forms of degradation, including moisture, UV rays, abrasion, and chemicals.  It will last longer and perform better than natural fiber ropes.  Our workout rope is ideal for boxers, MMA trainers, sports players, and weightlifters looking to add an extra dimension to their fitness life.

While they might look intimidating, the battle ropes are a simple workout tool that everyone can use. You'll train the muscles in your upper back, arms, abs, back, glutes and if you incorporate jumps, lunges, and squats, you can also work your legs!