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FREE 30 min Interactive Neuromuscular Stimulation (INS) Session
*Rehab or Training Session*

*If you are currently pregnant, have cancer or currently have a pacemaker we CANNOT do an INS session with you*

Whether you're looking to enhance your training or trying to recover from a shoulder injury; INS can help with that. 

INS is a completely PAIN Free FDA approved piece of technology that helps you heal AND train up to 70% faster than traditional methods

We simply attach electrodes to your body, guide you through a few simple exercises to build a better mind body connection and THAT'S IT! You let the machine do the heavy lifting for you! 

How does it work? Great question!

This improved brain & body connection lets them talk to one another providing a better pathway through INS so you can recover faster or improve performance. 

Please fill out your information 

*Please bring a pair of workout shorts & a workout shirt whether you are doing a Rehab or Training session*

Fill these questions out below ONLY if you are doing a Rehab Session

If you are doing a training session scroll down & click send. Thank you!

Once you have submitted this form we will reach out to you via text/phone call to schedule you. Thank you & keep on Actin FITT

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