TRX Suspension Trainers

Suspension training (which you might know as TRX) has become a mainstay at gyms all over-and for good reason. It's a super effective way to torch your whole body, build strength, and get your heart beating, using just your own bodyweight. (Yeah, you can do that without a TRX too.) But, up until recently, there was little scientific evidence that actually demonstrated its effectiveness.

The American Council on Exercise wanted proof once and for all, so it commissioned a study of 16 healthy men and women (from 21 to 71 years old) to look at the long-term effects of TRX training. People did a 60-minute TRX class three times a week for eight weeks, and had various physical fitness and health markers measured both before and after the program.

Regardless, if you've been avoiding the suspension trainers at the gym because you wondered, "is TRX effective?" The answer is a resounding yes.