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Your go-to resource to learn and understand some of the uses of INS/ NMES in the field of Neuroscience.

Neuromuscular Studies

If you are interested in the science behind what we do at Actin FITT you are at the right spot. Within these articles you will see interactive neuromuscular stimulation (INS) & neuromuscular electric stimulation (NMES & NES), INS is an upgraded version of NMES but these terms are used interchangeably. The 3 main effective devices are the ARP wave, Neubie by Neufit, and the NxPro by NeuX.

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11_16_2022, 3_54_08 PM_edited.jpg

Rehab & Recovery

Coming back from an injury just got easier! Getting the body to a restful state allows you to heal up to 70% faster than traditional methods!

ACL Injuries

Devices for stroke rehab


Amputee Rehab

Strength for stroke patients

Hand sprains

Ankle sprains

Pain & ROM

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Athletics & Strength

Train in a 3rd of the time without the need of heavy weights! Lock in to train up to 70% faster than traditional methods!


Rre-education Infographic


Adaptations to Training

 Vertical Jump

Stability & Strength

Infographic Muscular response

Muscular response

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